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Nothing compares to the classic look of quality wood patio furniture, which is why Frontera offers many styles in Teak, Brazilian Cherry, Robinia, Eucalyptus, and more. Each wood has its own properties in terms of density, durability, aging, and maintenance. This guide will compare the most common premium outdoor woods we offer and how to know which one is right for you.

Not All Wood Types Make Good Patio Furniture

If you’ve ever been tempted to purchase inexpensive “outdoor” wooden patio furniture, you’ve likely experienced the disappointment of a deal that was too good to be true. Cheap wooden outdoor furniture is constructed with soft woods and inferior hardware that is not truly weatherproof. The result is accelerated aging, including fading finishes, rusting hardware, loose wood joints, and patio furniture that’s going to need to be replaced every other year.

Frontera offers only premium hardwoods that are meant to be truly weatherproof and enjoyed anywhere on your deck or patio, not just under a covered porch. With proper care and maintenance, our wooden patio furniture will look terrific and maintain structural integrity for years to come.

A “Good – Better – Best” Comparison of Patio Furniture Wood Types

Woodworking Planshow to Woodworking Plans for Good:  Cedar

Best For: Budget-conscious Buyers

Cedar is a plentiful, lightweight wood that, if left untreated, will age to a gray finish. It is often used for patio furniture because it is rot, termite, and beetle resistant. The downside of Cedar is that it’s not very strong, so often big planks and poles are used, which are not suited for an elegant look. Another drawback of Cedar is its poor screw-holding capabilities because of the softness of the wood. It requires regular maintenance with stain / sealer (available at most hardware stores) over time to avoid cracking, splintering, and fading.


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Better:  Eucalyptus

 Best For:  Buyers looking for a balance of value and style

Sustainably harvested and in plentiful supply, Eucalyptus is quickly growing in popularity for outdoor furniture and accessories. It is a high quality material with a handsome grain and reputation for strength, durability, and a smooth finish. This dense hardwood has a high oil content, making it rot and decay-resistant.  Depending on the location of this furniture and the climate, annual staining may be necessary to maintain its rich, reddish-brown tone.



Best: Teak | Robinia

Best For:  Buyers looking for the highest quality and minimal maintenance

Woodworking Planshow to Woodworking Plans for Teak:  Considered the ideal hardwood for outdoor furniture, plantation-grown Teak is the most durable, strongest hardwood available. It has been used in shipbuilding for centuries and is popular for high-end patio furniture due to its ability to withstand all types of weather. Like Eucalyptus, the oils in teak are natural repellents against rot, decay, and pests; unlike Eucalyptus, teak is relatively low-maintenance and will develop an elegant natural grey patina over time. Our Teak patio furniture is heirloom-quality and will provide years and years of enjoyment.


Best For:  Buyers looking for the highest quality,  minimal maintenance and color

Woodworking Planshow to Woodworking Plans for Robinia:  Robinia is an extremely dense hardwood that shares many of the same properties as teak but with the additional bonus of accepting paint. Teak wood will not hold paint, but items constructed of Robinia can be painted any color of the rainbow. This feature makes Robinia a popular material for outdoor furniture that is durable AND paintable. Our World’s Finest Rockers are made using solid Robinia wood and are available in painted black and painted white colors.


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Caring for your outdoor furniture

All patio furniture woods require a certain level of maintenance to maintain a brownish wood color. Some people enjoy the natural grey finish achieved by natural wear over time. Frontera offers an extensive line of wood care and treatment products that are water-based and used by top premium wood furniture manufacturers around the world. We’ve got what you need to ensure your patio furniture will remain beautiful and luxurious for years to come.


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